Monday, January 23, 2017

"Stick with It!" February Challenges!

My February challenge groups will be all about helping YOU stick to those goals you made at the beginning of this year 💚 What do you need help with the most? Eating healthy or fitness? I have a challenge coming up for both! Use these challenges to help you tie it all together - fitness, nutrition and support - and get great results.

It all begins with a quickie 5 day clean eating & (optional) Shakeology challenge! I don't claim to be a nutritionist by any means...but I do know that I lost 40 lbs and have kept it off with clean eating and Shakeology. In this challenge, I invite you to try it with me! I'll provide you with a bunch of clean and yummy recipes, help you create a meal plan, and provide you with a week's supply of Shakeology. My goal for this challenge is to help you fall in love with eating a variety fresh and nutritious foods, and for you to experience how it feels to fuel your body in such a way :) The 5 day challenge begins Monday, February 6th!

Immediately following our clean eating challenge, we'll have a 12 day "Fit Everyday" challenge! During these 12 days, I'll help you build a regular fitness schedule, help keep you accountable to following it and provide you with fun little fitness challenges to do at home every day. Fitness can be fun! It's always more fun when you have a group working with you :) Our 12 day fitness challenge begins Monday, February 13th!

Both challenges are on Facebook and are free to join :) To join me in either or both challenges, register using the links below. Once I receive your registration, I'll be in touch to talk goals! 

To join the 5 day clean eating challenge:

To join the 12 day fitness challenge:

I look forward to working with you soon!!! 

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