Tuesday, November 11, 2014

What is a Free Challenge Group?

What is a challenge group?

A challenge group is a private Facebook group meant to help people achieve their nutrition and fitness goals. 

Being in a free challenge group is what started my entire fitness journey. I wanted to lose weight for my wedding and I knew I had to get serious. At some point, you just know that something has to change and you are the one who has to make that change. I heard about this Facebook challenge group and decided to give it a try. What had I to lose besides some extra pounds? That challenge group ended up changing my life! Not to say that a challenge group is guaranteed to change your life but, if you let it, it could happen!

I ended up losing 16 lbs in the 60 day group and had 12 inches taken out of my wedding dress! This group was working for me so I wanted more! I have been in challenge groups or running my own challenge groups since then. 

And you're saying right now - "So what is it????? What do I have to do?!?!?!" You have four responsibilities in a free challenge group. Here's how it works....

Clean Eating - Commit to CLEANING up your diet and eliminating processed foods made with harmful chemicals! Read your ingredient labels. This is the raw and natural way to fuel your body. You should NOT starve yourself to lose weight! You can eat a ton of food in a smarter and healthy way to stay fueled and energized all day long while losing weight. We also focus on proper water intake! This will be a well worth it lifestyle change, NOT a diet! No counting calories. Just natural, unprocessed healthy eating. Everything I've learned about clean eating, I've learned from a challenge group! Shakeology is not required in the free challenge groups but it's definitely going to be a game changer for you if you decide to try it! 

Fitness - If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you! That's basically the mentality in the challenge group. You don't have to do a Beachbody program although I recommend it for maximum results. You could continue to go to the gym, use another home program you own, or even just strap some running shoes on and go for a jog. Whatever you decide to do, you will do at least 30 minutes of CHALLENGING exercise 6 days per week with one rest day. 

Accountability - YOU keep yourself accountable everyday by "checking in" to the Facebook group. What that means is you making a daily post in the group with your activities of the day - what you eat, what exercise you did, how you feel, what you struggled with, your victories that day, any questions that are bugging you....anything that has to do with your personal journey that you want to share! Engagement among the group members is so encouraged! You end up with this awesome group of cheerleaders, many going through the same experiences, all supporting one another. We lift each other up and motivate one another! Another part of starting a challenge group is getting your before and after stats, and keeping track of them along the course of the challenge. We will have bi-weekly Staturday's where we all share our latest victories!  

Free Coaching - You must assign me as your official coach through Team Beachbody! You will create a FREE online profile at beachbodycoach.com/beckyfloyd. This will ensure that you have me as your official coach and I can provide all the valuable tools to you to help you achieve your goals!

What Do You Get From Me?

One on one coaching! We will have a conversation about your health and fitness goals and why you want to accomplish those goals, because the why is even more important than the goal itself! Then we will figure out your biggest struggles and how you can best overcome them. If you are in need of a fitness program, we will find one from the many options that meets your specific needs.

Motivation! I will provide daily motivation and tips in the challenge group that will remind you why you're doing what you're doing and help keep you on track.

Accountability! I'm watching you!!! I will expect your daily posts in the challenge group! Together we will figure out the best way you want me to handle a situation where I find you falling off the wagon.

Clean Eating 101! Food is fuel! That is our mentality. I will lay the foundation you need to completely change the way you see food. You will have access to a clean eating guide, TONS of breakfast lunch and dinner recipes, a grocery list and many different meal plans. All free! 

Challenges within a Challenge! Challenge groups shouldn't be bootcamp! I like to make things fun but it all depends on member involvement! You'll find us having Workout Wednesday's where members are encouraged to post sweaty pics. Or Motivation Monday's where everyone posts motivational images that is meaningful to them. Recipe swap Thursday's everyone posts a different new clean eating recipe that they want to try. In some free challenges, points are awarded for your daily activities that could end up winning you cool prizes!

In challenge groups, you are rewarded every day just for doing the activities you need to do to become healthier and enjoy a happier and more fulfilling life! Whether it's the support, the motivation, the encouragement YOU provide someone else in the group (it could happen!), the accountability, the tips, or just being lifted up each day by a group of like minded people who all want to accomplish the same thing! A motto that always sticks in my challenge groups is simply - Better Together! 

Challenge groups work and I am living proof! And now I want to pay it forward to all of you - to show you that you too can achieve goals you might never dream are possible! Join now FOR FREE and we can start working towards your goals right away! 
Join here ----> https://coachbeckyfloyd.wufoo.com/forms/challenge-group-registration-becky-floyd-fitness/

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